About Us

PÀRTUM MY BEAUTY is a lifestyle brand offering plant-based products for pre & postpartum wellness. Our products are specifically designed for mothers, expecting moms, and women trying to conceive.


PÀRTUM MY BEAUTY is inspired by every women’s story as they transition into motherhood. From the very moment you discover you are pregnant to the birth of a new mom, we understand that both

Pre & Postpartum Matters. You are not alone. As a brand, our mission is to encourage mothers across the world to feel their best. Take your time to heal, nourish your mind and body to glow from within.


PÀRTUM MY BEAUTY is my first step towards uplifting mothers. I hope that my products bring you moments of serenity each day. Thank you for taking the time to discover the world of PÀRTUM MY BEAUTY.

Kajh’mere Hughey